12V Guru – add a 2nd caravan battery pack

12V Guru – add a 2nd caravan battery pack

Concern up to a 12V Guru

Maybe one item that the guru may like to address is the addition of the 2nd caravan battery pack to a preexisting caravan 12V system that presently just has one household battery pack. Just exactly What shall we start thinking about when evaluating the capacity to accept the extra battery pack, choosing the new battery pack, plus the fitting and wiring? For guide caravan, may a Jayco is suggested by me Silverline?

All the best, Bob Murray

12V Guru answers

Many thanks for the concern. Numerous RVers find one battery is not adequate www.hookupwebsites.org/badoo-review/ to service their needs, particularly for a van such as for instance a Silverline where there are numerous devices.

Join the batteries in parallel

To possess a two battery pack set-up, you will have to get in on the batteries in ‘parallel’ where in fact the positive terminals are linked together basically aided by the negative. Use cable that is thick as 8.4mm2 (AWG 8) and quality battery pack lugs. a synchronous setup increases the capability of one’s system in Amps and keeps the nominal voltage at 12V DC, which can be exactly what your van requires. Read More 12V Guru – add a 2nd caravan battery pack