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Electrical Installation – operating the Electric to the Cabinet Print

This instructional guide will help with the planning/installation of this Electrical Power Supply for our Acrylic Spas.

Each of our acrylic tubs have actually removable case panels which cover the whole border for the bath bath tub.

Whenever operating the electrical through the spa, the access point to the cabinet doesn’t need become put right during the Control Pack location. Our spas try not to come built with a hole that is pre-drilled electrical so access may be through some of the case panels.*

*NOTE: We usually do not advise setting up the electric through a case panel this is certainly positioned in front side a Pump, Control Pack, Blower, or Gate Valve. These panels will probably have to be eliminated at some point for upkeep or servicing.

Selecting an area

Whenever choosing where you should enter the case, do this on the basis of the after:

  • security (don’t create hazards that are tripping
  • looks
  • access points for users to enter the tub
  • step positioning
  • cover opening position (bottom mount lifters may have the address rest low next to the case)
  • address lifter mounts

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